Our Unique Learning Process

Leadership Management Singapore has been instrumental in creating exceptional results through people for over 20 years.The principle key to our success, and the success of our participants and clients, is our Unique Learning Process.

This process is a powerful, proven methodology that’s been enhancing the leadership skills, performance and productivity of more than 3000 SMEs and MNCs in Singapore since 1988 . . . and growing!

Unlike conventional training courses, our Unique Learning Process brings about permanent and positive change in attitudes and behaviours. The cultivation of these positive behaviours result in increased performance and productivity for the individual, and improved profitability for their organisation.

We align our Unique Learning Process through the Total Leader ® Solution. The Total Leader ® Solution is based on two vital principles:

1. The First Principle is that for Organisations to succeed, they must develop leaders throughout the total organization.

2. The Second Principle is that For Leadership to be effective, it must utilise a complete integrated, total leadership development process.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Leadership Management Singapore’s courses have a step-by-step learning and development process that incorporates best practice learning techniques and methodologies

Every course presented and conducted by Leadership Management Singapore, deliver three key benefits for participants and their organisations:

1. Cultivation Of Permanent Positive Attitude And Behaviour In Participants

  • We don’t train people – we develop and coach people and leaders – and there’s a massive difference.
  • Information received through traditional training methods is quickly forgotten and without application back in the workplace. Typical short training courses only give you a ‘feel-good’ behaviour and deliver knowledge without behavioural change.
  • In order to cultivate a High Performance Organisation and Business, there is a need to change and improve the way people think, work, interact and live. Pro-active and Self-motivated people and leaders will contribute to a high performance business!
  • LMS’ learning process changes the way people act, behave and think. This is a key difference between typical training courses and our unique learning process.

 2. Measurable Results And Outcomes

  • We agree on measurable results and outcomes aligned to pre-determined goals and objectives for every participant, together with you.
  • By comparing where your people are now, against where you’d like them to be, we can work with you to bridge these performance gaps.
  • You can achieve the desired results in learning and growth, performance outcomes and workplace deliverables!

3. Identifiable Return On Investment

  • Our process also includes identifying a specific return on investment for each participant based on the changes, outcomes and results they achieve.
  • This enables you to quantify the benefits to your organisation of LMS courses.
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Our Unique Learning Process

LMS’ unique learning process is extremely thorough and meticulously structured to deliver maximum benefits to both participants and their organisations.

Here’s how it works:

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