Open Programmes Vs. In-House Training Solutions

LMS partners with more than 3000 clients in Singapore, aligning courses, content and delivery methods to best meet their individual training and development needs.

So the key decision is:

Should you enrol your participants in an “open programme”, where the LMS programme is delivered off-site to participants from 5-6 other organisations…

Or should you create a custom training solution which is more specific to your needs and delivered on-site (“in-house”)?


If you’re a new client wanting to experience our proven processes with our Results Guarantee, or an established client enrolling a few participants across multiple courses, the open program is your best option.


But if you need to more closely align your training and development outcomes with your specific organisational strategy or current workplace initiatives, a tailored solution will help you meet those objectives at no additional cost per participant.

Whether you choose an open enrolment or a custom tailored training solution, you’ll benefit from our unique learning process that delivers:

  • Cultivation of Permanent Positive Behaviour in Participants
  • Measurable Results against Pre-Determined Goals and Objectives
  • Identifiable ROI per participant
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Open Training Programmes – Features & Benefits

LMS Open Programmes offer these features and benefits:

  • Low Investment Cost and Low Risk
  • Flexibility to Enrol and Build just 2-4 of your Leaders First
  • Experience our unique learning process and evaluate your measurable results, cultivation of positive and high performance work and personal habits and identifiable ROI
  • Enrol multiple participants across various programmes specific to their development needs, eg:
    • The sales team in Effective Selling Strategies
    • New managers in Effective Personal Productivity
    • Experienced managers in Effective Leadership Development
  • A diversity of industry sectors, participants and levels of experience create a unique learning environment:
    • Understand Different Industry and Business perspectives
    • Insights from Other Business Sectors can Help Own Sector’s Challenges
    • Freedom to Gain More Inputs from Outside the Box
    • Be Encouraged to Consider New Solutions
    • Broaden Your views with Different Perspectives, Opinions, Professional and Life Experiences
    • Stimulates Your ability to Understand, Embrace and Apply Course Learnings
  • A positive, mutually supportive environment is highly conducive to learning:
    • Learn from like-minded participants with the purpose of improving performance, productivity and bottom line of organisation
    • No conflicts of interest or in-house agendas
      Less Pressure
    • Freedom to Share
    • Greater Learning Motivation
    • Development Needs and Interests of the Participants are met
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In House Training Solutions – Features & Benefits

Tailored solutions can more closely align to your specific training and development strategies:

  • LMS Facilitators focus exclusively on your needs
  • Learning goals, course content, workshops, workplace projects and delivery schedules are customised to best meet your organisation’s specific needs
  • Learning outcomes support your corporate strategy, workplace policies, continuous improvement or cultural change.

Programmes are delivered on your premises (in-house) or external site:

  • Reduce Downtime for Participants and Co-facilitators
  • No wasted travelling time
  • Easy access to own technology, computer networks, specialist equipment, etc
  • Familiar Learning Environment

Involve your workplace experts:

  • HR and L&D managers can co-facilitate sessions

Improve supply chain efficiencies and relationships:

  • Strengthen partnerships by involving your contractors and suppliers in course content, delivery and discussions
  • Joint workplace projects can focus on supply chain improvements by involving members of your supply chain.

Flexible programme delivery:

  • Choose either day or evening courses
  • Workplace scheduling issues can be overcome
  • Shift workers can be accommodated
  • Courses can be delivered over a timeframe that suits your business cycles.

In-house programmes can create the ideal learning environment:

  • Consistent Delivery of Higher Intent and Messages
  • Gain New Understanding of how Others Work
  • Sharing and Solving of Operational Issues
  • Enhance Interdepartmental Relationships
  • Improve Staff Morale
  • Reduce complaints and Individual Mentalities
  • Improve Productivity
  • Better Bottom Line
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Why Our Management Training Programmes Deliver Exceptional Results

  • Our unique learning process delivers:
    • Cultivation of Permanent Positive Attitude and Behaviour in Participants
    • Measurable results against pre-determined goals and objectives
    • Identifiable ROI per participant
  • Specific competency and performance improvement goals are agreed and measured
  • Each workshop has a plan of action towards measurable results
  • One-on-one coaching transfers learning into the workplace
  • Online feedback gives real time assessment of progress
  • Regular reviews involve LMS coach, participant and manager/mentor
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